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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As a global trademark, reaching to more than 100 countries at different continents and geographies worldwide; to sustain our leadership within the country by strengthening more, taking the first place at world market, proceeding with our principles of ‘Safety is a Serious Job’ and ‘Exhaustive Safety’, utmost protection of the safety need felt at living areas. ​

Our Mission

With our experience in safety, exceeding half century; it is creating difference with our product and services, by always giving particular importance to the satisfaction and trust of our customers and all of our shareholders, benefiting from the opportunity at new business fields with our new product and services providing the integrated safety concept.

Our Values​:

Quality: With reference to the principle of “Quality is not a Result, But a Continuous Seeking” and targeting for the quality principle having precedence at every stage of our products created with our R&D discipline. 

Warranty: Keeping the life time and durability of the products at maximum level. 

Safety: Keeping our trademark perception, equivalent with trust, alive. 

Sustainability: Performing sustainable environment projects with working for future generations within the frame of universal values. 

Social Responsibility: Acting with the sense of responsibility at environment, education and health issues. 

Our Fundamental Principle: 

Strengthening world economy by depending upon laws and moral values.